Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our German Buddy!

This is Sindy. She's way cool and not just 'cause she married our crazy friend, Kevin. You see, Kevin was my hubby's roommate through most of college which means he was practically my roommate, too. We got in frequent quarrels over creative control in the kitchen. He usually won by sneaking in black pepper, but I still consider myself the undefeated champ since I never actually paid rent. Just when I thought we'd have to send the dude off to 'Love Connection' he shows up with this hot-talkin, German goddess. AND, get this....she moves from her gorgeous home in Dresden to Tulsa, OK to grace us with her cute German self. Now we can actually take Kevin out in public... =)

We love us some Sindy and it's not just because she's generous with her frequent care packages from home. Check out her interview at Tasha Does Tulsa and see how a true world traveler gets down in Oklahoma.

1 comment:

Sindy said...

Nice pic of Kevin! Can you send it to me please? It would make a super birthday card!
Thanks for the post, it really made my day - what am I saying; my week! :+)