Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kansas City Weekend: Part 1

As huge fans of spontaneity, Aubrey, Tasha (complete with family), and I decided at noon last Friday to have a weekend getaway to occur within 6 hours time. This was a lot of headway as far as acting RIGHT NOW goes, but, hey, we live nearly 2 hours from each other and there's a baby involved. The Balls came down and we had a sleepover for the night. We didn't actually decide where we were going until Saturday morning when a slow start and potential bad weather made us choose K.C., two hours closer in proximity than the other option, St. Louis. And, we set off!

FACT: Traveling with a near one year old is no simple feat. I have unwittingly insulted parents of the world by making statements such as, "I don't understand why things have to change when you have children. We can still travel, you just have to be committed." HA! I need to be commmitted for saying that. See those dudes up there? We got an inside preview to life with a child this weekend and stand in awe at the fact that they are somewhat sane. (They do, however, require lots of coffee to function.... I'm such a crappy hostess they finally bought their own coffee press for our house so they don't have to run to the gas station every morning they stay over...sorry!) This was the first long trip with a baby for all of us. Well, needless to say, it was full of adventure!

Here are some highlights:

Though speeding is nothing new for me, getting matching couples warnings with 3 days of each other is! Aubrey was feeling left out and Kansas cops wanted in on some of the love I gave to the Oklahoma P.D. We actually passed the patroller...in the right lane, no less. Aubrey just confessed to not having recognized his car. Yay, honesty! Yay, couple resolutions to quit speeding! (Hey, before you freak out about the fact that we had a baby with us, just know the offense was extremely minor, unlike my incident. Either way, I hang my head in shame.)

Window shopping at one of my fave stores, Anthropologie, was super fun. Seriously, Kansas City has some amazing shopping, paricularly at the Country Club Plaza. I was so overwhelmed with fashion unseen in Miami, OK that I had shopping paralysis. Tasha and I decided we need my fashion forward friend, Jennifer, to give us guidance.

I FINALLY had a willing subject (other than Aubrey-he's a little too willing) to let me practice my photography skillz...

AND, I learned that babies can totally project puke as far away as two feet from their body. Here's the calm before the storm at lunch on Saturday... more details to come...

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