Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Many years ago I asked my husband (then boyfriend) what I'd be if I was a type of food and why... this was my super cool way to spark a romantic conversation. I fully expected an answer like, "A strawberry because you're juicy and luscious," or "An orange because your full of zest and you remind of sunshiny days." You see, I expected this because I was 100% slow on the uptake that real love is nothing like Nicholas Sparks would have us believe. So, I waited in anticipation for his glorious answer...Then, Aubrey reminded me at once why I love him yet still enjoy kicking him in his sleep. He said I'd be broccoli. Broccoli??? Why? Because it's good with cheese on it... yeah, that's actually what he said. Gents, take note! The king of lady pleasing just gave a free lesson right there.
Well, if I'm stuck being broccoli, he's certainly my hunk of cheese. Though he's incapable of taking a hint, he's still a keeper.
I made him this basket of the good stuff with some chocolate bars thrown in for good measure. ( He's kind of a dark chocolate fanatic....)
From left to right: Mushroom Brie, Porter, Drunken Goat, Raw Bleu D'Avergne, Brigante, and Cotswald. I'll report back on the official tasting tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, what a cheesy present. Psh.