Monday, February 16, 2009

Cheese Review

I realize this isn't the "tomorrow" I had planned on for the cheese tasting review, but, hey, I was tired. I had to get up early on V-Day to beat my present out of a heart shaped pinata! It was my first pinata so I took the task very seriously, as you can see. It birthed several Dove dark chocolate candies, a gift card to Itunes, some measuring spoons so I can quit ruining everything I bake, 3 cans of catfood, and a fishing lure. The fishing lure was actually for Aubrey. Oh, and the cat food wasn't mine either, though Aubrey did once try to pass off vienna sausages as a gift basket stuffer.

I suppose I did give Aubrey a basket full of cheese this year and I got him a fungus infested log to grow mushrooms for our first anniversary....ahhh, we're full of romance.
Anyway, back to the cheese. Our super technical review is sure to impress:
Mushroom Brie
Me- "Pungent...grody."
Aubrey- "MMM, mushroomy. I like this one the best."
Aubrey- "Like nothing I've ever tasted. Good!"
Drunken Goat
Me- "My new favorite!"
Aubrey- "Mellow and sharp"
Raw Bleu D'Avergne
Me- *coughing* *spitting*
Aubrey- "Awesome. It doesn't go with my beer, though."
Me-"Tastes like the goat cheese...except it's sheep cheese."
Aubrey- "Good"
Me- "eh"
Aubrey-"freakin good..."
Well, there you have it. It was super fun to try new stuff and all these cheeses (and more) can be found at your local Whole Foods Market.


Anonymous said...

There were 4 cans of cat food.

Tasha said...

Funniest. Photos. EVER.