Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"What I Want" Wednesday

My parents (under threat of sure death) moved us all out to Oklahomaville when I was 15. I thought it was the worst thing that could ever happen to me. I swore to never, ever, EVER marry or even date a guy from Oklahoma. And, what do I do???? I marry my first boyfriend. In Oklahoma.

My brother (age eight at the time of the reverse Gold Rush) has since moved back to California. My parents are now returning within the next few months. Where does that leave me, you ask?

In Miami, OK. Population: 13,000. Indian Casinos: 9 and counting.

Admitedly, I really like Oklahoma... it suits me. I've got a great husband and a great job. When I can make it out to Tulsa on the weekends, then I get to see my great friends, too. So, what do they got in Cali that I don't got? Bean and Cheese Burritos, that's what. It's officially, what I want RIGHT NOW.

Who can miss a beach or a giant animated mouse when your life is filled with an absence of cheesey perfection? Oh, sure, you can get an imposter can even get an authentic Tex-Mex version. I just haven't been able to find one like I can find almost ANYWHERE in California.
What makes a great bean and cheese burrito? Well, I like to think it starts with great beans that have truly been refried ( most likely with lots of lard and garlic.) Ample amounts of cheddar cheese is called for next, where you can actually detect the difference in texture and flavor from the beans themselves. Finally, it must all be in a soft, lightly grilled ( so it has a subtle charring) and slightly chewy tortilla. This is heaven.
One of the best places to enjoy this culinary masterpiece is the infamous, Family Basket. My Grandpa ( pictured below with husband in matching Family Basket shirts) has gone to the Basket nearly every single day for the last 20 years ( at least, that's as far back as I can remember.) My brother is now making it his personal mission to follow in my Grandpa's legacy.

I have lots of great childhood memories in this little joint, however only ONE of these memories can save me from my misery in pining after a burrito at this very moment.

I believe a loss of appetite is called for...

So, this one day, my dad, Steve (my cousin), and I are eating breakfast at the Basket. My Grandpa is at another table with all of his buddies drinking their morning coffee and proceeding in their ritual of whatever it is that Grandpa's talk about. This crusty guy comes in and says hi to all the guys at my Grandpa's table and starts looking around for a place to sit. My dad offers him a seat with us since he's a friend of Gramps and it's fairly common to be spread out between tables amongst friends here. We order our food and make small talk with the guy...well, my dad does, anyway. I was probably making fun of Stevie ( he didn't call me a terrorist from hell for nothing.) We receive our food and all is silent while we inhale the perfection that is breakfast at the basket.

Then, it happens.....

Out of nowhere, this guy full on throws up on his plate in a fit of heaves and hurls. My dad yells, "Look out the window, Mandy! Steve! Don't LOOK!" "Man, are you okay????" *Grumbles something* "Um, sir, can I help you????"

Guy says, "Nah, I'm fine..." AND CONTINUES TO EAT!! He just picked around his puke.

To this day, I don't know why we sat there and just endured this.... out of respect for my Grandpa and his friends, we just kinda took it. The guy left and my Grandpa comes over to join us....

Dad: "Merv, your friend just puked all over us!"

Grandpa: "My friend? I've never seen that guy in my whole life."

Yeah..... well, I'm good. See ya.

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mylifebyfood said...

That is the best story ever!! Now I'm going to lose 20 pounds by thinking of this every time I want Cheetos or chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.