Monday, January 26, 2009

Ice Storm 2009

So, it just dawned on me that, while I was in la-la land thinking of delicious buttery sandwiches, there is a very real ice storm warning in effect for Northeastern Oklahoma. I don't know how I forgot, seeing that I nearly killed myself in the parking lot at work on the way home and my poor mom called to say she slipped and scraped her knee ( What's up with that? Parents aren't supposed to get hurt! She's messing with my worldview!)

I seriously hope it doesn't get bad, but if it does, maybe the ice will bring down the broken limbs still stuck up in my trees from ice storm 07. This was the scene in my driveway:

It started out pretty serene in the morning until we started hearing insane cracks non-stop. Everything was so silent but for the breaking trees and the falling power lines.

This is my road taken from in front of my house:
We didn't have power for a week. Eventually, I had to go to work and that was quite a lovely day having not showered for about the same amount of time... ( Kindly, a week AFTER I had power returned, my boss asked me if I was still, that's just called a bad hair day, thanks for asking.)

Speaking of looking bad, Aubrey felt the need to wear my robe belt around his head for 4 days straight. ("It's for added warmth!")

Well, we're all set here with firewood, blankets, and all the fixins for chili. Stay warm.


Natasha said...

In that shot of your street, I was expecting the ice queen chick from Candy Land to appear at any moment...oh my yikes.

Boss said...

Her hair really was a mess that day. But hell, at least she has a nice head of hair...


Natasha said...

I'm just noticing that the first picture on this post looks somewhat like a penis.

Did you do that on purpose?

Amanda said...

Ha! No, I was trying to capture the ice encased leaf.

anesha said...
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