Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Family Chili Recipe

Okay, the time has come and the votes are in.......

I'm pleased to report that the Obama Family Chili recipe will definitely be re-elected! It was delicious! Not spicy, exactly ( which gives some insight to the whole Latino vote issue), but satisfyingly unique (I'm thinking it has something to do with the turmeric and vinegar.)

I'd also like to honor this day as a very special occasion...

Our household ushered in a new era of eating brown rice. I've seriously never made brown rice before, always sticking with conventional white. In light of swearing in our first African-American president, I was feeling rather progressive.... AND, for once in my life, I stuck to the recipe exactly, adding only grated cheese and Louisiana Hot Sauce... hey Barack does it, too!

See the recipe in full below ( in the previous post.)

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Natasha said...

Seriously? Never brown rice? You love it now, though, don't you??