Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Six Flags Over Texas

Aubrey and I just returned from a weekend getaway to Dallas to visit our buddy, Ritter, and a handful of terrifying roller coasters at Six Flags Over Texas.

Before I continue, can I just say something? The TITAN is by far the scariest ride I've ever been on. I had to ride it three times just to be sure. Want an indication of how insane it is? I temporarily lost vision from the force of going down the drops and around the bends... every time.

I lost my sight, people! Plus, if you try to hold your hands up, they just come back and slap you in the face. So, it scares you blind and then insults you. That's a bad ass roller coaster.

If coastering is up your alley and you've always wanted to test your upchuck reflex, this is the place for you. Go for it! Aubrey and I knew we wanted to go to Six Flags for our anniversary but we were planning on driving to St. Louis. At the last minute, we switched to Dallas. Oh, and we included Ritter.

The point I'm making is, don't let proximity and the college roommate that won't go away keep you from doing something new and fun. And, if you buy tickets online, budgeting is less of an obstacle, too. Adults get kids prices when you buy in advance. Just 31 bucks a piece! Plus, we breezed by a bunch of dopes in line who paid full price and we got straight in the park.

One of the things I'd like to do with this blog is inspire people to get up and go do things they've always wanted to do but think they can't. Experience adventure around the world, even if that world is a land at an amusement park. The lines weren't horrific, the giant fans took the edge off the heat, and it was generally a good "six flags day."

You've got nothing to lose ( except your vision.)

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