Thursday, June 4, 2009

Colorado Day 1: Where the Heck are the Mountains??

Upon first landing in Colorado I was pretty convinced John Denver might have been high on something other than a mountain top .... dude, you lied to me! Where are all these mountains? Where are the shadows from the starlight? Come out come out wherever you are....

Oh, okay. It's not the Rockies, but it'll do just fine!!! John, you're back to being the coolest guy ever.

So, we just arrived at our amazing cabin in Larkspur, Colorado, home of the famed Renaissance Festival that starts the week after we leave....of course. No sweat. There's plenty more to do and we're hitting the ground running. We're not driving very fast, though.


Marty Coleman said...

I wonder if that speed limit has a no tolerance policy!

Tasha said...

Love the view from that patio or veranda or whatever you'd call it. Hope you find some more mountains soon. Miss you! Tell us what you're eating.