Sunday, June 7, 2009

Colorado Day 2: Garden of the Gods

So, it's really day 4 of our vacation but, hey, I was busy vacationing to give real time updates!

Day 2 started out really great...with food.
Yeah, they were slightly burnt. But, oh, were they ever delicious.

After breakfast we ventured out to Colorado Springs to visit the Garden of the Gods, a free public park that's definitely worth at least five dollars admission. But, free is better, of course. Here, you can get hands on experience with unique and beatiful rock formations whether you're scrambling, climbing, or just generally craning your neck to see them. They're watching this crazy guy... I don't understand rock climbing.
Oh, wait. If rock climbing has anything to do with driving moms crazy then I totally get it. Look Mom! I told you I'd be doing really safe things like playing with cotton and such.

That's Pike's Peak back there. We got an even closer view the next day...
My nephew's getting an early start at being adventurous and pushing parental nerves. I'm just now getting the hang of it.

Risky rock scrambling comes with it's rewards. Check out this view!
Uh, oh. Signature Aubrey and Amanda travel pose.
I've got to go watch a John Denver tribute and eat steak kabobs now. Oh, it looks like my nephew found another way to be crashing face first into the ground off of a step stool. Gotta run. More to come!

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