Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spicy Orange Garlic Shrimpys

Mmmm, spicy orange garlicy goodness….

Want to know how cool this meal is? So much so that I made it for Christmas Eve 2008, that’s how cool. I mean, it’s no Braums ( Flashback Christmas Eve 2007- sorry, husby…I’ll never do it again) but it’ll do. Also, so cool that it warranted getting a new plate just to enhance its awesomeness (stay with me, you'll see it in the photo...a bit.)

Seriously now, shrimp is one of those things that used to frighten me. I mean, it was up there in my list of scary things to cook like a whole chicken, ribs, a souffle, flan, or just about anything baked, in general. Anyway, shrimp has officially made a departure from that list. Not ready to open the world of seafood up in this kitchen beyond shrimp and salmon, but I’m making progress.

Something that makes a recipe decidedly NOT scary is pure simplicity. Give me a few ingredients and a skillet and I’m good to go.

Spicy Orange Garlic Shrimp (Adapted recipe from The Pioneer Woman contributor, Pastor Ryan…you rule, man.)


1 lb frozen, raw “shell on, tail on, deveined” shrimp 26-30 per pound size ( “” means…yeah, right. I bought them ready to go.)
¾ cup Orange juice
2-4 gloves of minced garlic ( psst, don’t tell…this became 2 tbsp. of jarred minced stuff.)
3 Tbsp. SALTED butter
½ tsp Ground Cayenne Pepper
1 tsp. Old Bay Seasoning ( I had to buy a can just for this. I told you I don’t do seafood…)

1. Prep, thaw and dry your shrimp. If you’re cool like me, this shouldn’t take long. If you go the shell on stuff, guess what? You have to take it off. Sorry ‘bout that.
2. Thinly slice the garlic if you used whole cloves and add to orange juice. I actually think you should do what he says here... the minced stuff makes for awkward deglazing. 3. Add seasonings to garlic/juice. Stir and let it hang out for a bit.
4. Meanwhile, heat up 2 tbsp. of the butter on high heat in a frying pan until it’s melted but just before it starts burning.
5. Quickly add shrimp one at a time so they all have a full side down. Wait 30-60 seconds from the time you put the last one in to flip the first one you put in. Tongs are ideal for this. Pastor Ryan says so, too.
6. Once the last shrimpy is flipped, wait another 30-60 seconds and they should be cooked through with a nice caramelized exterior. Remove shrimp to a plate or bowl and LEAVE THOSE BROWNED BITS. Leave the heat on until it starts to smoke a bit. This is important. I don’t know why, but it is. Look at all that poorly lit naked shrimp...

For some reason, a doctors office comes to mind when I look at this... yeah, anyway...

7. Add garlic juice mix to the pan and deglaze. Scrape up all that browned goodness and let it boil. 8. Add the final Tbsp. of butter and simmer the sauce down until thickened. You can leave it more saucy if you like (which I do because I like to pour it over rice.)
9. Turn off heat, toss in the shrimp and coat. Serve all on their own or over rice. It’s yum. So, stop looking at pictures of shrimp and go eat some.

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Jill of All Trades said...

Man, I shouldn't have read this post being hungry. Will have to try. LOVE shrimp.