Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Swiss Engagement: E-Day Pt. 2

Did you miss E-Day Pt. 1? Check it out here...

The romance saga now continues:

So, we arrived in Gimmelwald, Switzerland at The Mountain Hostel, an amazingly affordable and perfectly situated dormitory style hostel in the middle of the Swiss Alps. I know people get freaked by the word "hostel" especially thanks to that very pg movie by the same name. Nevertheless, I implore everyone to give them a shot! This particular hostel is ran by the lovely couple, Petra and Walter Brunner and was one of the most fun and hospitable places we've stayed in Europe (and for just 25 franks a night.)

When we arrived we unloaded our bags and groceries ( there are no places to buy food in Gimmelwald. You eat what you bring up with you.) I then took a nap because I wasn't feeling well thanks to the journey to the top of this scene:

Then, I got up and...

Well, why re-write it when you can experience it as my folks did back home when I sent them the news via email:

Hi Mom Dad and Beau, the weather here is perfect and clear.

We are in Gimmelwald and guesswhat? AUBREY ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM!!! I said yes, of course! He asked at a little bench rest on a path in Gimmelwald here in Switzerland. After a brisk hike which included about five straight minutes of me making farting noises (with my mouth and commenting like " didnt that sound like a big juicy one?") we stopped to rest.[ I am a pillar of grace...] I said "isn't this beautiful?" Aubrey had no answer -Then as I thought this would be the perfect spot, I asked him if he liked the ring I was wearing and suggested he practice. [I'm a little pushy, huh? They don't call me Demanda for nothing.] He took the ring I was wearing and I told him to practice by presenting me with a granola bar. He got on his knee and pulled out the ring ( the real one) and asked. I thought he found a fake one to play a prank on me but once he promised it was real I cried laughed snorted and agreed all at the same time.... EVERYONE KNEW BUT ME and I have been pretty sneaky.. not good enough I guess. It was perfect, farts and all-

See wasn't that romantic? I actually hope you weren't expecting a Harlequin here... I just can't help but ruin potential movie perfect moments. Petra gave us champagne and the hostel hot tub all to ourselves after I made us a gourmet meal of instant noodles- they're cheap. Even in Europe. We then got to experience the not so great side of hostels in the form of the loudest snorer in history about 5 feet away from us in our room...it was so bad that half the people in our dorm left to sleep in the dining room. Ahh, well...we'll never forget that night...the snores, the meal, the granola bar...swoon!

I wish I was there now. Minus Mr. Bear Snore next door. If you're looking for a great place to travel, this is HIGH on my recommendation list. Just make sure you pack good shoes.


Marty Coleman said...

Love the story, how cool is your husband, and how 'demanda' are you! haha
Hostels are always so fun and interesting, if you don't mind a bit
of the goofy and strange in humanity once in a while.

Tasha said...

We love you guys.

Demanda. Ha!