Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sushi Conspiracy

Everyone's been on our case lately about trying sushi. You see, we consider ourselves fairly adventurous with food but sushi just hasn't been on my list of things I aspire to try or even enjoy. Well, I do kinda wish I could magically like the stuff...I just don't want to put any effort into it. We had it once and were set for life.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure the sushi eaters of the world plot the demise of the non-sushi eating world. They even have quick one-liners to bring you down like, " I'm sure what you had wasn't very good, you really need to go to (insert name here)" or, "you maybe just don't know how to order, perhaps we should go togther ( this is so they can witness you in your misery.)" So, after the meetup with The Tulsa Digital Photography Group last week, we gave in....again... and met up with Tasha and the fam for another trial at Sushi Train in Tulsa.

To all with an affection for or affliliation with Sushi Train, please hear me out...I'm sure your sushi is grand. It was very pretty, fresh, and well-displayed.

It just doesn't get my juices flowing. Oh, and it made me feel a bit like my god-baby looked.

The kind staff at Sushi Train brought the kid some Chips Ahoy so he'd chill out...I sorta wanted to steal one but parents tend to frown on that sorta thing.

Either way, I had to bail. We promptly went to Jason's Deli and I got a good ol' baked potato with all the soft-serve I could eat. Lunch Rescue!

I've since relayed this tale to other sushi eating friends and you'll never guess what they said...

"Oh, well, where you really need to go is In the Raw. Next time you're going, give me a call and we can go together." And, since I'm working against a huge conspiracy here, you can almost guarantee that I'll be going. It's hopeless.


Sherri said...

Oh, simply must try Fuji for their all-you-can-eat sushi lunch! (Sorry, couldn't resist hee hee!) @Sherri_T4Tulsa

Amanda said...

You see what I mean? =)

Carrisa said...

You know what Amanda? I am totally with you on the sushi thing. I can't stand it. And I've been to Fuji as well as Tsunami. Didn't like anything I tried. I just assume it's cuz I'm a picky eater, but who knows? I do know that I hate the taste of vinegar and I guess they use that in the rice so that may be why it all offends me.

Just give me a ribeye and I'll be happy.

Amanda said...

Mmmm, ribeye. Now we're talkin'! I haven't tried sushi again yet but I must say...I used to hate vinegar and now I absolutely love it. So, maybe there's still hope.