Thursday, April 9, 2009

"It's a Twista! It's a Twista!"

One of the many intrigues of Oklahoma to us "non-natives" is the existence of "meterologists." California has weather girls. Huge difference. Meterologists take their title seriously in this state, tracking any hint of percipitation or thunder in order to warn you at the exact moment your favorite contestant on American Idol is about to sing. It doesn't matter if the possibility of rotation is happening 100 miles south of you. They diligently perform their duties sparing no commercial break. I had grown to respect these meteorologists for a job well done. I mean, I assume their warnings help some people.

Tonight, they failed me.

ONE, I repeat, ONE warning flashed on our tv during America's Funniest Home Videos. That show comes on everyday and they repeat clips anyway. You can totally have at least two warnings, if you really wanted. But, no. One flash, and that was it. Good thing my cautious hubby was paying attention. Some serious rotation was headed straight for us and the lone warning didn't even have audio. I grabbed a quick pack of stuff I'm not willing to see fly away... my cats, my camera, my external hard drive, and my computer. Oh, and Aubrey. Then, we boogied over to our neighbor's house because they have a basement. Our cats love us.

By the time we got there ( within one minute) the sky had turned from light and mild to dark, rainy, and creepily balmy. I hate balmy. We went in and still, no warnings on the tv on any station. Oh, wait, here's some weather. Oh, wait, that's at the whole other side of the state. Wtf?
Our neighbors had a police scanner and we're literally listening to them saying, "sound the sirens now!," " roger that, confirm siren sounding!," "Rotation directly over Morgan Hills." Morgan Hills? That's a flippin half mile away. Still, no siren sounding. No radio coverage. No local news break-ins. So, while abundantly underwarned, we decided to use our own eyes.

Yes, we're those dummies standing in the yard when a tornado is going overhead. To be fair, there was no siren happening. There was even an amateur storm chaser parked at the stop sign right after I took this picture. However, it wasn't until it was past us ( to the right of this image) that the sirens started....about a minute later. That, friends, is a long-ass time to not be sounding a siren.

I got scared at that point and ran in, even though it was already past us. I missed a good photo op. Aubrey said he could see the full funnel tail. So, then I came out and I totally saw the sky rotating!

By the way, there's a reason storm chasers use video cameras. Still shots just don't cut it.

We went back inside when we couldn't see it anymore and, still, nothing on any channel. Finally, a station from Joplin, Missouri broke in, and, I kid you not about the events I am about to depict. The weather guy shrugged his shoulders and said, " I really don't know what's happening....this little thing here is moving this way...I think the warning will expire in (looks at his watch) a couple of minutes..." Those are direct quotes. And the crappy thing is, I have to give the dork props because at least he was doing something.

So, Oklahoma weather proved your point. We need you more than we need to know who died on [insert favorite show here.] Now get back to work!

HEY- Can you name the movie I quoted in the title? I bet you can.


Jill of All Trades said...

It was scary. We were a little lucky here with just some hail and winds. Don't like the rotating stuff.

Hilary said...

That is a nasty looking storm! Tulsa has had a few minor storms so far this spring, but nothing that strong yet. I have to admit, I love the funky clouds that come with the storms, but not the destruction, obviously. Glad you and yours are safe.

Christine said...

Oh, and Wizard of Oz. I always thought that guy had a weird accent for being from Kansas...

: )

Found you via TashadoesTulsa...