Sunday, February 10, 2008

New York, New York

I just got back from my first trip to New York and had a fabulous time. I planned to take loads of creative photos but was so overwhelmed by visual stimuli I found myself staring up in the sky, oblivious to my surroundings, taking pictures of Times Square with about 100 other people. What can you do? I only had two meals on my own in the Big Apple and one snack. Like the photo situation, I had planned on having unique New York fare but ended up eating whenever I was too hungry and too tired to walk any further.

Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt

I wanted to walk around without looking like a doofus so I turned to the crucial elements of tourist disguise.

#1. Don't look obnoxiously happy.

#2. Walk in a determined direction as though you are late.

#3. Eat something ( It also helps to be on your cell, listening to your ipod, and reading a newspaper at the same time).

I had never heard of Pinkberry and went in willing to throw my "diet" out the window. Turns out, these babies only have 70 calories and are packed with vitamins. I had an original, small, with strawberries ( I blew my cover ordering- it was like learning how to order at Starbucks all over again). I didn't want to add insult to injury so no picture was taken. It looked like this except with a ton of strawberries. Refreshingly crisp and delicately sweet.

Heartland Brewery and Rottisserie

This brewery found only in New York has a convenient location at the foot of the Empire State Building. Since they are famous for their rottisserie, that's what I ordered... and that's all I got. One big plate of half a chicken in lemon and rosemary marinade. The chicken gets two thumbs up. The presentation needs some help...especially at a price of $15.95. The location limited interaction with locals...I swore to do better next time.

Maui Taco

This little hole-in-the-wall haven was a mad house of activity. I had passed it several times while getting where I needed to go so I decided to try it. So happy I did! I had the #1 burrito at $6.95. In simple foil wrap, complimented by a full salsa bar, this burrito was pure wonder.

Well, that was it for my New York food adventure. It would be glorious to visit in the springtime in a Soho farmers market.....


NLBall said...

At first glance, that chicken totally looks like a rotisseried guinea pig! The burrito looks delish. I love rice in a burrito - not done often enough. The strawberry thing looks like a strawberry thing. Hard to screw that up, though, so I'm sure it was yums.

Looks like you had fun fooding in New York!!!

Last thing I'm gonna say: This entry takes me back (or forward, whichever) to the fair. When the fair comes to Tulsa this year - you'll be in town anyway for the 24th anniversary of your birth and, duh, the 25th anniversary of mine - we should go to the fair and catalog every God-awful, artery-hardening thing we eat on this blog. As we in the newspaper business say, it'll be well-read.

NLBall said...

Just kidding, THIS is going to be the last thing I say: Which New York food was your favorite and why???

Amanda said...

My favorite New York food, huh? I really enjoyed the eating experience of the strawberry thing since I had it while walking around, taking in the atmosphere, and generally just enjoying myself. I will call this one my favorite.
The best meal though was the burrito because it would be great anywhere! I really like when all the flavors in a burrito are distinct but well blended so you get a bit in each bite. The tortilla was soft and a little chewy which is my fave. Also, I loaded this with cilantro in every bite. Dang, can I have two favorites?