Monday, January 21, 2008

P-Dub Dinner

One of my favorite bloggers is The Pioneer Woman ( or, as I like to call her, P-Dub. P-Dub selflessly expresses her love with tons of butter and bacon grease to her cowboy husband, Marlboro Man. Turns out, bacon is a good expression of love to any man. I made "Marlboro Man's Second Favorite Sandwich" for dinner tonight and received approximately 112 bacon-grease kisses. I didn't take a pic because I was too busy devouring it but this is a very close approximation to mine. To feel a little better about all that bacon and cheese, I made an herb salad with fat-free dressing to go with it ( baby steps to health here).

So, was it as delicious as it looks?
Aubrey gives it his top smile rating. Aww, my heart soars...


NLBall said...

P-Dub? How do you get that out of Pioneer Woman?

Also, Aubrey looks like Jack Nicolson in that picture. Crazy!

Amanda said...

Pioneer Woman, P.W., P-Dub.