Sunday, July 5, 2009

An Oklahoman Fourth of July!

Hope everyone had a happy and safe Independence Day!
Even though we love to get out of the U.S. as much as possible, we can go All-American with the best of them. To do so, we head DEEP into the country...that is, we go to Porter, Oklahoma. Every year, Aubrey's parents throw a pretty killer party and shoot off some serious fireworks.
Do you see that up there? Aubrey launched it. You can buy this stuff no questions asked. I'm not sure this California girl will ever get used to it:
Mmmmm, nothing like the smell of sulfur in the air to bring people together ...

Tasha Does Tulsa came out of her city shell to join the festivities, despite the high likelihood of vehicular difficulties. Last year, she popped her tire on the gravel road. Psh... city driver.

At least she didn't hit my parked car... again.

Sindy In Tulsa ventured out yonder, too. Her hubby tried to get her to ride a horse but it wasn't happening.

Activities included Four-wheeling...

Jumping off the storm shelter...

And generally awesome pyrotechnic stunts.

Thanks, Oklahoma.


Tasha said...

How come Sindy always gets pretty pictures on here, and you post crazy looking ones of me? What the heck?

It was a cool party, though, for sure.

Sindy said...

Awesome pictures!

Traveling Spork said...

I chose the most flattering pose! Try smiling next time instead!