Sunday, March 1, 2009

Strike Day

Ahhhh, sigh of relief. Plays are busy business and this last one just came to a close. We had some stellar nights and I only had one mishap where I nearly dropped an actor off a ladder. Oops. On the day of the final performance, the entire cast and crew remains behind for hours to remove the set. It's tough work but mostly fun. I notice, however, that I have a strong pet peeve for which I can thank my father. I CANNOT stand to see kids standing around doing nothing. When I was a kid, if people were working, I was working and if it wasn't up to par, I got in some bad trouble. So, I probably annoyed just about every teenager trying to whip them into gear. Sadly, there are some battles I can't win. Included in this list are getting Aubrey to take out the garbage and getting my brother to eat beans.

Speaking of eating, they feed us on strike day and I, for one, ate for three. Seriously, I'm stuffed...I can't move. I was going through my former play photos and remembered how nice it is to be working behind stage this time and not packed in a costume. Why can you never breath in costumes? I was squished into my maid outfit for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. My name was Sookey. I think I look like a Sookey. See how I strategically placed the feather duster there?

This is me with my buddy, Lynn. She's an incredibly talented actress and she likes to make me feel like I'm good, too. However, you'll notice that I'm the maid here and she's in the fancy dress.

Lynn gets cast in glorious lead roles. I get cast as dinnerware:

I was definitely poured into this saucer. I enjoy acting but I'm going to try my hand in a different capacity next month. I'm going to be assistant director for the next play. Squee! Wish me luck!

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