Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Joe's Special with Cheese

Mmmm, Eskimo Joes....Home of OSU Lovin and T-Shirt wearin' good times.

Actually, when I was in school I rarely ate at Joes ( nor did I buy my clothes there)...too popular and busy for my taste. Game days were always a certain brand of special if you could squeeze your way in. So, for the most part, I just avoided it and stuck with places where they accepted Bursar....

NOW is a different story entirely. Somehow, the place has come to represent all that is good and pure of my days in Stillwater and what better way to express goodness and purity than with beef and melted cheese? I craved this baby for two whole weeks when I found out we were going to a game. I even managed my caloric intake accordingly. Sadly, none of this planning helped me beat Tasha in % of weight lost this month ( oh, that's another story entirely) but at least I got to eat THIS:

With Ranch.