Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pizza Margherita

Aubrey and I first discovered this fab combo of tomato and basil when we were in Rome (it was the cheapest meal on the menu and we were living on bread and water by the time we hit Italy in our month long trip.)

Basically, this is store bought pizza crust, spaghetti sauce, roma tomato, torn basil ( I really only make this so I can feel all gourmet picking this out of my own garden), and fresh mozzarella cheese. I toss the toppings together in olive oil with minced garlic and slap 'em down and spread 'em around. 10 minutes at 350 and PRESTO! It kinda comes out soggy sometimes though...any suggestions? Maybe I need to break down and make my own crust. I need a good crust recipe.

Blogspot doesn't want to load anymore pictures right now so I'll post the "after" shot later...


NLBall said...

Hmm, soggy pizza...

Ideas: stick your crust under the broiler on high for a few minutes before you stick your toppings on top. Second, you could use your broiler instead of your oven to cook the pizza, toppings and all. You'll probably want to use the lower setting, though.

Making one's own crust is a pain in the butt, and if it's raining outside, forget about it. I'm sure there's a good, reliable, consistent pizza crust recipe out there...we just haven't found it yet.

NLBall said...

I'm making this RIGHT NOW.

Differences: I spread my crust super-thin (hope it doesn't come out soggy, because then everything's just gonna fall apart), I shredded my mozz, I sauteed my ingredients in olive oil rather than tossing, and I used the oil I used for cooking as the sauce, since Aaron can't hardly stand tomato-based pizza sauce, the twit.

We should have a pizza bake-off!

P.S. - your word verification thingies are always really hard. I get them wrong the first time, every time.